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Frank Body Jet Setter Kit

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Frank Body Jet Setter Kit


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Revive tired skin after travelling with the Frank Body Jet Setter Kit, a trio of products designed to bring your complexion back to life. The two scrubs and nourishing mask help to rekindle your natural glow for a more radiant finish.

The Set Contains:

Original Coffee Scrub (100g)
Feel perfectly pampered with a luxurious formula that works to restore smooth, supple skin from top to toe. Utilising Sea Salt and stimulating Robusta Coffee Beans, the gentle exfoliator effectively buffs away dry, flaky skin to leave it feeling super soft with a delicious fragrance of an orange mocha frappuccino. Cold-pressed Sweet Almond Oil is combined with antioxidant Vitamin E to nourish and protect. The body is refined and revitalised with an all-over glow.

My Original Face Scrub (35ml)
This targeted exfoliator helps to draw impurities from the pores with Kaolin clay, working to help prevent breakouts and congestion. This gentle yet effective physical exfoliator helps to reduce the appearance of acne scarring thanks to a blend of Coffee, Bamboo and Walnut. Your complexion will feel instantly revitalised, helping to maintain an even and radiant complexion.

Glow Mask (35ml)
Get your morning caffeine fix an ultra-hydrating, radiance-reviving treatment to kick-start your day. Powered by a stimulating blend of Shea Butter, Arabica Coffee Seed Oil and antioxidant Goji Berry Extract, the revitalising, five-minute formula promotes a brighter, smoother complexion with minimised puffiness and a healthy glow. Easy and quick to use - perfect for even and luminous skin in a hurry.