Honey Book club: Our first Book List

Honey Book club: Our first Book List

Our first ever Book List, YAY! 

Just this introduction has been difficult for me to write, I don't know how our Beauty Editor Steph does it. Cause Im a Wreck! 

But this is something I am very passionate about, I love a good book. Even more if I can learn something from it. I was so excited to see the interest some of our customers had for us to share some book tips, so i did some research and thought I would share some books that I have been loving recently. 

Some of these are available on Kindle and audible so you can read them from anywhere in the world if you're not able to purchase the physical book. 

This book isn't part of our  "official" list but its a book I loved reading and its by one of my favourite podcasters.  


Without me making this too much about me, let's get right into our first ever Book list!  The first book on our list: 

I Wish I Knew This Earlier: Lessons on Love - Toni Tone 

TONI TONE on Twitter: "🇺🇸 I've just realised that my book is out in the  US in ONE MONTH!!! 😃🙌🏾 You can preorder it now so it arrives on its  launch date (

If you have our WhatsApp then I know you've seen me rave about this book. I love it! Initially I Pre-ordered the book because its written by a woman of colour and buying the book creates a demand for it and creates more opportunities for other woman of colour. 

But once i got it I saw so many people raving about it online, so i started reading it. And honestly it gave me a whole new outlook on my relationships, whether romantic, family relationships, friendships etc. Mostly it humbled me.

Second on our list:

Sister, Mother, Warrior- Vanessa Riley 



When her West African village is sacked, Abdaraya Toya trains as a Minos, the elite female guard of the Dahomey. As their general, she sacrifices herself to enslavement to protect her king. Once on Saint-Domingue, under the thumb of the brutal Duclos, Toya protects her fellow enslaved and her friend’s son, Janjak, as he works to buy his freedom and win the beautiful Marie-Claire.

Marie-Claire, raised by free parents, grows up watching the Grand and Petit Blancs increasingly restrict the freedoms of the Coloreds and the freed Affranchi, while the enslaved resist with poison or outright revolt. When Janjak is sold to the worst possible fate, Marie-Claire weds the priest Bonheur to give their child a safe future, while Toya escapes to the mountains to join the rebellion sparked by Toussaint Louverture and his charismatic general, Dessalines. As the fight for freedom and justice escalates, Marie-Claire finds herself torn between two loves and the need to minister to the victims of war. Amid horrific violence and soaring success, all three heroes—Toya, Marie-Claire, and Dessalines—will sacrifice parts of themselves to birth a new Haiti that promises liberation for all Black citizens.


Tell Yourself a Better Lie: Use the power of Rapid Transformational Therapy to edit your story and rewrite your life. - Marisa Peer 

Tell Yourself a Better Lie: Use the power of Rapid Transformational Therapy  to edit your story and rewrite your life.: Amazon.co.uk: Peer, Marisa:  9781544525020: Books

Our lives are defined by the stories we tell ourselves, but those stories aren't always true. Narratives that are based on outdated or irrelevant information can run (or ruin) our lives for years, even if those stories are wildly different from the objective reality that formed them.

Tell Yourself a Better Lie, author Marisa Peer shares for the first time how Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) creates stunning in-the-room turnarounds for issues as varied as suicidal depression, eating disorders, weight loss, and life-limiting phobias and addictions.

Marisa explains how our unmet needs as children can morph into fixed stories we tell ourselves in adulthood-and, more importantly, how we all have the power to change them. If you've been longing for a happier, more fulfilled life, pick up Tell Yourself a Better Lie and take control of your own story today.

The thing around your neck - Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

The last book of this month is by my favourite author, I have read everything she's wirtten and can not wait to see what else she has in store. It took A LOT for me not to feature only her books. 


Book Review: The Thing Around Your Neck by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie – The  Bohemian Bookshelf

The thing around your neck, features 12 short stories and its perfect for anyone that doesn't have the time for a full Novel. 
Summarised by The Bohemian Book shelf

This collection of short stories, ordinary people exist side by side, connected only by the experiences that they unknowingly share. In The Arrangers of Marriage, a Nigerian woman finds herself in the United States, married to a Nigerian man who is alarmingly obsessed with all things American. In a desperate attempt to please him, she struggles to absorb American culture whilst fearing the loss of her identity. Similar emotions are shared by the protagonist in Of Monday of Last Week, a story about a Nigerian nanny in an American household whose alienation leads to her naivety. In the same way, the protagonist of Imitiation and the protagonist of Jumping Monkey Hill are connected by their experiences of gender inequality.
Thank you for reading through this list! We have so many more books we are excited to share with you. Our next list will be out on the 23rd October
Please do share your own opinions and thoughts on the books in the Comment section! 

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